The real reason Five Gee exists…learn the tactics FOIL their plans.

The real reason Five Gee exists…learn the tactics FOIL their plans.

Dana Ashlie

Previously exclusive video via the online 5G summit. Protect against deeper AGEN- DAs of Five Gee. Stop unnecessary exposure to metals and frequencies, and rid your body of its current accumulation of metals.

See the 30+ Speakers/Experts on this summit for 7 days FREE after you sign up here:

Be sure to watch Klinghardt, M. Havas, J. Corbett and Patrick Wood!

The CABLE (RJ45 to whatever kind of cell phone you have) that connects YOUR IPHONE to INTERNET connectivity via an Ethernet cable. So you can browse internet via cable (must have ethernet cable from network or router) to cell phone with no wireless/microwave radiation…

Here is an example of the Iphone adapter cable:

Here is the cable adapter for Android phone:

I prefer them with lights.

I personally use these fluoride free toothpastes:

Bought by big company but still MUCH better than mainstream brands-similar taste to reg toothpaste.

Even more pure brand, and if you can take the taste, makes mouth feel very clean!

Reach me! (more contact/support info for me BELOW)

Washing your body with the MINERALS that they have intentionally depleted from our soil:  – I add these drops to my reverse osmosis or filtered water to make my own ‘homeade’ black water…IMO most minerals taste awful, to me, these taste great! Spoke with owner of company…good integrity!

Pulling METALS out: 

1. Discount link for Sauna I use (that was mentioned in video):

This is a phenomenal FAR infrared sauna (with a microprocessor that filters all except the specific most beneficial IN-FARED fre quency to allow maximum de-tox in lower temps and in a fraction of the time.) I just got this sauna to try out for myself, and so far, I LOVE IT for removal of metals and TOX-INS. Discount code for my subscribers just put “DANA” in coupon code box for $100.00 off. Click this link to learn more:…

2. Dr. Klinghardt recommended Heavy Metal eradicating FOOT bath:

Re: My other research on DE-Toxing ME-TALS for optimal health and to fight against E M F rad-iations ability to impact our bodies:

Here is the very best of the best of footpaths available. It is able to pull heavy metals out of the body (among other tox – ic substances) and they have heavy metal analysis in water and urine before/after to prove it. I will be reviewing this product personally at some point, but I already know via Dr. Friedrich Klinghardt’s recommendation list that it is the very best and most effective one made. He has many years of clinical results reversing the auto immune diseases of his patients to back it up. This company has EXCELLENT customer service and will speak with you directly regarding any questions you may have and to see if it’s right for you. Anyone coming to them that says Dana Ashlie sent you, can receive a small discount. Call them at 1-877-225-3388 ask for Kellyann she will gladly and thoroughly answer any questions you have. More info here:

Where you can get RF Meters to check your own microwave/RF/EMF levels at home:  – RF Meters

Where you can get other shielded clothing to protect from RF:

Where to get Shielding Bedding to block RF: 

(also paint, curtains, fabrics, phone cases)



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