The WAR On Reality: How Globalists Occupy Your Mind To Control Everything

The Truthers Journal

The WAR On Reality: How Globalists Occupy Your Mind To Control Everything

by Mike Adams, The Health Ranger

“There is a war on reality, and the battlefield for that war is your consciousness. Almost everything that you see in society or from official sources is fabricated or rigged. It’s fictional. It’s all designed to weave this artificial tapestry of beliefs and ideas and so-called truths in your mind that actually are not true, that are not based on reality.

The point of this is to create a system of control, a prison for your mind, that gives you the illusion of thinking that you have freedom of thought and freedom of choice, or that you live in a democracy, for example, when in reality this entire system around you is all fabricated to force you into making certain decisions or taking certain actions or avoiding certain actions, all of which…

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