The Truth of the Shield of David

The Truth of the Shield of David – The Truthers Journal

The Truthers Journal

The Truth of the Shield of David

By The Way of the Ancient Nazarene – Followers of the Moshiach

One of the most popular, if not the most popular symbol of the Jewish people is the legendary Star of David also known as the Shield of David. It is a six pointed star known as a hexagram and is usually depicted as blue.

Most modern Jews willfully use the Star of David as a symbol of Jewish pride and pride in the Jewish nation, Israel. In fact, the Star of David is depicted on the flag of Israel.

But, what is the true history behind this famous star, the hexagram?

The truth is, the hexagram was not a symbol the original Israelites used. In fact, they would have shunned the six pointed star because of its pagan use and its use in witchcraft. Wiccans and witches use the symbol in…

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