YAHUAH’S MOEDIM – DIVINE APPOINTMENTS. Using the Zadokite-Enochian Based (Zadok) Priestly Calendar As Found in the Dead Sea Scrolls Zadok Priestly Calendar 2021-2022


Using the Zadokite-Enochian Based (Zadok) Priestly Calendar As Found in the Dead Sea Scrolls Zadok Priestly Calendar 2021-2022

Here is an easy way to keep up with YAHUAH’S MOEDIM – DIVINE APPOINTMENTS. 

I have listed the Gregorian Calendar dates these Appointed Times land on for easy viewing and to keep up with.

Hope you find this helpful during these up coming Feats this year.



Pecach / Passover: 14th DAY of 1st MONTH @ SUNDOWN (April 6th)

UNLEAVENED BREAD: (April 7th-April 13th)

FIRST FRUITS (Barley):  26th DAY of 1st MONTH (April 18th)



YOM TERUAH / TRUMPETS: 1st DAY of 7th MONTH (Sept. 22nd)


SUKKOTH/ TABERNACLES: 15th DAY of 7th MONTH (Oct. 6th- Oct.12th)

LAST GREAT DAY: 22nd DAY of 7th MONTH (Oct. 13th)


We have been asked by a number of people regarding the Calendar and the Appointed times that will be coming up this Year.

If you would like a PDF Copy of this Calendar to go by or just to check it out click on the link below and download the free PDF of the 2021-2022 Zadok Priestly Calendar

Learn More: Download Free PDF Here:


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2 thoughts on “YAHUAH’S MOEDIM – DIVINE APPOINTMENTS. Using the Zadokite-Enochian Based (Zadok) Priestly Calendar As Found in the Dead Sea Scrolls Zadok Priestly Calendar 2021-2022

  1. I’m really very confused. I’ve recently come from greco roman “christianity” to belief and trust in Yahuah through the blood of His Son our Saviour Yahusha ha Mashiach.
    To be able to know and proclaim these wonderful names is very liberating and I feel blessed.
    However, regarding the Pecach, why do most commentators put the date as 27th March this year?
    I’ve read through the book of Enoch a few times and find it an amazing book.
    I think one of the main reasons it was taken out of the scriptural canon is because Enoch makes it very plain to see that we live on a flat earth with the sun, moon and stars inside the magnificent firmament.
    The evil entities that run this world want us to believe we live on a spinning ball and we’re totally insignificant.
    Enoch blows the lid off all of these lies that we’ve been taught for hundreds of years.
    But I am confused about the Pecach dates.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is a very good question and I’m so glad you asked! Most go by either a Lunar or a version of the Jewish LuniSolar Calendars.

      The Jewish Lunar calendar came out of Babylon with the Yahudim (Jews) were in captivity. They also changed the Hebrew Alphabet from the original Paleo Hebrew to the Babylonian Hebrew. They also removed our Creators Name (YAHUAH) nearly 7000 times.

      Why would I want yo follow the Ashkenazi Jews that practices Kabblah and follows the Babayloian Talumd.

      The Zadolite Enochian Calander Predates and was used by all the Ancient Hebrew Yisralites way before the Babyloian captivity…..

      It’s those that are going by the Moon to calculate the Feasts and they are in gross error …. All your Masoretic (Babylonian Text)Text Bibles which have missed translated the Hebrew Word for Month and they replaced it with Moon.

      You can find more information regains the moon and Lunar information by just scrolling to the bottom of the front page or bottom of a article in the Search Pane…

      Enjoy Your Adventure in Scripture!


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