Owl Symbolism

Owl Symbolism

Molech and its symbology is widely known for the owl representing this god. However, the owl is more closely related to Molech’s consort female deity and is especially associated with Lilith, “the queen of the night.” Here again is the merging of male and female deities.

Thus the owl symbolism is related to a deity that kabbalists worship, which the Illuminati also loves to use the owl in their logos and designs. Please familiarize yourself with some of the images. 

Source: https://thetruthersjournal.home.blog/2019/12/29/the-kabbalah-judaism-and-the-free-masons/


The owl is actually symbolism for the goddess, which is depicted with the various goddesses like the Greek Athena, and then the Roman Minerva. The owl was depicted as the symbol for wisdom because it had an ability to see in the dark. It was a metaphor because it would illuminate the darkness of the masses and educate the ignorant. It was able to transcend illusions and deception and see the ultimate truths of the world.

The people who believe in these occult practices think that the owl is a perfect representation of their ‘path.’ The owl symbolizes going into the dark in order to find wisdom; as in exploring dangerous realms (like Crowley’s “Abyss”) in order to attain more wisdom.

We see the owl all over the place in the realm of conspiracy, including its most infamous use at Bohemian Grove during the Cremation of Care ceremony where ‘mock’ sacrifices of children are given up to the owl-god:

You can also see it on the DoD Project MINERVA logo:

We saw how this tied into Facebook and social experimentation to study the effects of various posts on people’s news feeds.

Richard Cassaro has a great post about owl symbolism, and one of the sections is entirely about the Cremation of Care. From RichardCassaro.com:

The ceremony involves the poling of a small boat across a lake containing an effigy of Care (“Dull Care”). Dark, hooded individuals receive the effigy from the ferryman which is placed on an altar and, at the end of the ceremony, is set on fire.

Domhoff notes: “this is the body of Care, symbolizing the concerns and woes that afflict all men during their daily lives.”

The occult meaning of this ceremony seems clear. These men carry the cares of the world and use a symbolic ritual to cast it off.

The remaining time at the Club represents a careless period, or vacation of sorts, during which time no business is conducted.

By “cremating” care, they expunge the negative energy of such emotions as worry, fear, and anxiety; it is the goal and magical effect of the ritual, which could more properly be called the “Cremation of worry” or “Cremation of negative energy.”

The pertinent evidence to the present article, of course, is the fact that the ceremony takes place next to a 45 foot (14m) high concrete owl statue, symbolizing knowledge and wisdom. The voice of the owl during the ceremony is former newsman Walter Cronkite, himself a member of the Bohemian Club, and music and fireworks accompany the ritual for dramatic effect.

And of course, we tie right back into magic when referencing the ridding of stresses from this ritual:

Magical thinking applies here: they believe they have done it, and so they have.

The owl is connected to magic because Native Americans and Africans both used it as symbolism for magic, prophecy, divination, and protection from evil spirits. Some believe that the owl carries messages back and forth between the nether world and ours. From RichardCassaro.com:

Shamans called upon Owl medicine for insight. Plains Indians wore owl feathers to protect against evil spirits. The Cree and Apache believed the Boreal Owl was a summoning to the spirit world. To this day, Native Americans associate the owl with spiritual vision; the owl is viewed with respect and associated with the souls of deceased ancestors. African cultures viewed the owl similarly to the Native Americans, heralding them as messengers of secrets as well as the bird of sorcerers, witches, and warlocks. In Madagascar owls are said to dance on the graves of the dead, and to the Aboriginal Australians they are companions to medicine people.

Check out that entire RichardCassaro.com post and you’ll see more examples at Yale, and even in Disney films such as Snow White:

The owl is hidden on the American dollar (although I doubt that’s news to you):

It’s also on the layout of Washington D.C.:

There is an owl on a handout of the Bavarian Illuminati:

Some theorists claim the owl is the female evocation of god, while the bull is the male aspect; hence the confusion.

Source: https://illuminatiwatcher.com/decoding-illuminati-symbolism-moloch-horns-satan/


The owl represents the powerful pagan lord of the underworld, as well as Minerva, goddess of wisdom. The Illuminati use this symbol to show their power, and to show that they are the “wise rulers of the planet.” 

The most important sections of Washington, D.C. were laid out during the Capitol’s planning phase to form the shape of an owl. 

The owl is also the mascot of the Bohemian Grove, a compound that hosts a secret annual two-week gathering of the most powerful men in the world. If you look closely enough, you will even see a small owl hidden on the U.S. 1 Dollar Bill.

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