Use Me

Use Me

Brother Gerald would like to take a moment of your most valuable time to share with you part of my personal journey of some very dark days we were facing back in the day.

Back when Brother Gerald was married the wife had fallen for a TV preacher called Bennie Hinn. She wanted to be like him. To be world famous and go on tour. She had to go see him when he came to Atlanta Georgia and we bought the tickets, the hotel rooms and took along a van load of her friends. 

It was a mad house and circus to say the least what I saw. The second service we attended the ex kept holding her hands over her face during the exceptional emotional music they were playing and when she came up for air she said that god had called her to preach and she was going to quit her job.

I knew right then and there my marriage was over for the absence of her income will and did bankrupted me. 

She gotten into demonology or something. She hooked up with a group that was supposed to be casting out demons from people and saw some weird stuff. Well the ex had it in her mind because I enjoy smooth jazz and old tv westerns I was full of the devil. I had demons and could not be head or priest of our family and now she’s the head. And It’s either her way or the highway.

After she had flushed the 3rd set of wedding rings down the toilet and 3 months without her contribution to the household income and bill collators at me left and right. Then she says you do it my way or else and I said I guess it’s or else and she goes and flushed the 3rd set of wedding rings.

I packed up my bags and left.

I became very depressed and instead of turning to the Almighty for help I turned to those whacked out psychotic witchdoctors and they had be on so much dope I became suicidal and even attempted it by taking 17 different medications those quacks had me on. 

As I was being over taken with the drug overdosing I called my daughter and told her I was sorry I had failed her as a daddy. I told her that I love her with all my heart. I’m sure as I was being overcome by the drugs my words became slurred and I possibly passed out while talking.

She immediately called 911 and sent them to me.

All I can faintly remember someone running a tube down my throat and fighting them to get it out.

3 days later I woke in the hospital then taken to a mental institution for 30 days.

What an ordeal that was.

As I was trying to heal and start a new life without my family was most difficult adjustment for I had lost my identity and had to rediscover and redefine myself a new.

I was working in a church as music minister and the pastors wife wanted me to learn the song by the The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir “Use Me”.

I was not familiar with the tune and called my daughter to see if she did and yes she did and we made plans for my to go over so she can help me learn the new song “Use Me”.

We caught on fast and had a most cherished time sitting at the piano with my daughter singing and playing one more time.

The song was a big success and many were blessed with our presentation. 

Just a few days later I get  call from a old friend that my daughter (of 22 years old) had past away in her sleep due to heart failure. 

When I heard this words I felt I was going to have heart failure as well.

And all I could think of here this precious little angle saved my good for nothing life and I was helpless saving hers.

I didn’t blame ABBA Father for this tragedy but I sure did blame myself and took years to get though losing our precious daughter.

So this little tune means a lot to old Brother Gerald. 

Hope you enjoy my feeble attempt giving our ABBA YAHUAH Highest Esteem. 

Use Me 


If you can use anything YAH, You can use me

If You can use anything YAH, You can use me

Take my hands YAH and my feet

Touch my heart YAH, speak through me 

If You can use anything YAH, You can use me


I remember a story in the Bible days

You took a man called Moses with a rod in his hand

You told Moses, “Take the rod in your hand,

stretch it forth and walk on dry land”

If You can use anything YAH, You can use me


I remember a story, I remember it well

He took a shepherd boy, David, with a sling in his hand

He took the rock with the sling in his hand

Flung the rock and the giant fell dead

And I know if You can use anything, You can use me


Take my hands and my feet

Touch my heart, speak through me

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